8 Pizza Places You Need To Check Out
Dec 19, 2018

Alright, we know we’re not Chicago. We’re not New York either… we’re Colorado Springs, and although our style may be different, there’s no doubt that you can most certainly score some downright delicious pizza here too. Fargos Pizza didn’t make the list – the often times dubbed “Casa Bonita of The Springs” is great for a fun family experience, but we’re going to look at some of the best pizza in Colorado Springs; the stuff you just simply can’t get enough of! 

1: Leon Gessi Pizza:

It’s never let me down, and Leon Gessi Pizza has been proudly serving up their take on New York style pizza in Colorado Springs since 1974. This hole-in-the-wall type establishment is near and dear to many of the locals hearts here. 


2: Old Chicago: 

Although they have gone through many changes, their famous “Chicago Seven Pizza” has always stayed the same. It’s also a great place to hang out for an adult beverage or two…


3: Louie’s Pizza:

More slices makes it feel like there’s more pizza… Louies Pizza slices their pizzas into about twice as many slices as the “Big Box Pizza Giants”. This is another local’s favorite pizzeria.


4: Borriello Brother’s:

Another New-York style pizzeria, Boriello Brother’s has several locations throughout Colorado Springs, and some of the bigger slices you’ll find as well. Get ready to fold this pizza in half as you enjoy one of several specially pizzas. 


5: Mod Pizza:

Think Subway, but for Pizza. MOD Pizza is sure to get your pizza just right because you’re in charge! Design your perfect pizza with a wide variety of options, and a comfortable price point as well.


6: Il Vicino:


Whenever I eat here, I feel like I’m in Denver or something. The Downtown vibes are great, as this place is right in the middle of all the action. There’s more fancy options available as well as wine and beer, but Il Vicino still has a more casual atmosphere. 


7: Billy’s Old World Pizza

Self described as “A Taste of Chicago”, Billy’s Old World Pizza has had locals raving for over 18 years. Everything is made in-house, down to the croutons on the salad. This pizza is the thicker, deep dish style specialty. 


8: Slice 420:

Although they don’t sell MMJ infused pizza, Slice 420 has an interesting back story about their name. Moving here from out of state to find a cure for their daughters health problems, MMJ worked, so they named their business Slice 420 in honor of the herb. Locals have grown to love the pizza as well.


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