Why did The Johnson Team leave RE/MAX (who we love) And also partner in starting KW Premier Realty?


We drank the Kool-Aid and it tastes good.

  • We are all about the culture of abundance (which KW teaches), where we share and help others like we’re family.
  • Our goal is to be the team of choice for clients and agents in Colorado Springs
  • Our vision is to create the best quality of life for the team and to pioneer the next level of service for our clients.
  • KW’s corporate vision falls in line with that. For their employees and agents, it’s God, Family, and then work.
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Keller Williams values are spot on with our team values which are:


  • Hold each other accountable for personal and career achievements
  • Others first is self-explanatory. Think about others before ourselves with clients, co-workers, family…
  • More money less time (leveraging your time so you’re able to spend time with family and have a life)
  • Extreme Ownership (Take extreme ownership of your own life and what happens around you in our jobs and personal life)
  •  Serve our community (We’ll raise over $26,000 for local foster care and other charities in 2017). Keller Williams (KW Cares) charity gives millions and millions every year to help individuals within their organization and when disasters strike. Each office has their own KW Cares fund and then there is a corporate KW Cares fund. And our team as a Johnson Team Cares fund. With this move we’re able to better serve our community and give where it is needed. Our Care Fund is now 3 levels deep.


Our Vision Is:

  • Always be Pioneering the Next Level of Service
  • Creating the Best Quality of Life for our agents.


To Build Careers worth having, business worth owning, lives worth living, experiences worth giving, and legacies worth leaving.


Nobody trains better than Keller Williams

  • Named #1 Training Organization Worldwide across all industries
  • 32% of the top brokers worldwide are with Keller Williams
  • Forbes named Keller Williams #3 in the list of Happiest Places to Work
  • Entrepreneur Magazine named Keller Williams Top Company Culture
  • To us this means our agents (who are already some of the best) will become even better at taking care of Colorado Springs.

It’s like a nesting doll of great values and great people.
So now we have The Johnson Team with these values, inside KW Premier Realty that has these values, inside Keller Williams International that has these values.

Honestly could it get any better for our agents or clients? I think not.

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