Major Roadwork Benefitting Not Just Cars…
Nov 2, 2018

If you’ve driven in the Springs for long, you surely are already aware of the major roadwork that’s been taking place on Academy Blvd. just south of Woodmen. There’s no missing it- a serious “cone zone” has Academy down to just one lane at times, and backups are inevitable in the area. Maybe you’ve been stuck in it yourself- but are you aware of why the work is being done?

According to the city, it’s not only to relocate utilities underneath the roadway, but it’s also to further the Cottonwood trail to reach i25. Until recently, the famous Cottonwood trail ended at Academy Blvd. and there was no way to safely cross. Now, CDOT is adding a tunnel for the trail underneath Academy so it can connect with trails that run along i25. The work won’t be quick though – an expected finish date isn’t until Springs 2019.

The Cottonwood trail starts around Woodmen and Austin Bluffs and will now give trail hikers and bikers access to trails that run along i25. Along the trail, you’ll also find Cottonwood Park and Recreation Center – complete with baseball, hockey, disc golf, and even an indoor water park. The trail is considered easy accord to and is a gorgeous hike or ride that we definitely recommend- don’t forget to bring your camera for the spectacular views along the way!


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