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COVID-19 has slowed down or put a stop to many things, but we know that for most of you who were planning on moving before the virus, all those same circumstances and factors still remain.  We’re here to tell you that the flip side is still true as well. For most buyers, nothing has changed, and they are still wanting to find their home.

We help more real estate clients then anyone in the county, and we can tell you with certainty that we have dozens of buyers looking.  And The Johnson Team is out there working double time. We have our 501(c)(3) non profit (TJT Cares) out delivering toilet paper, food & grocery gift cards.  And we are finding creative and effective ways to market your home while being COVID-Conscious. 

Virtual Home Tours

We are a virtual society, and through our marketing strategy, most people know they want our seller’s homes before they ever step in.  We are enhancing this during this COVID-19 pandemic by encouraging video walk-throughs with your permission and virtual open houses. Quite simply, we let our cameras and mobile devices serve as the buyers’ eyes so that your home stays safe and secure.

We often get multiple sight-unseen offers on our listings.  Typically, we tell them that we’d like them to walk through the house first to ensure they want it, so we already have the foundation in place.  We know how to get buyers to love your home before they even set foot in it through the marketing plan laid out below.

The only difference now is that we’ll encourage them to put in a sight-unseen offer (social distancing….you won’t have 30 different buyers walking through your home).  

Clean walk throughs


Once the offer is accepted we then let them walk through the home.  We will have them sanitize their hands and if you’d like, even put on gloves, and ensure that they avoid unnecessary contact.

To protect you, we can present terms in which we still have the opportunity to procure additional sight-unseen offers during the time we are waiting for them to do their walk-through so that if they were to change their minds, we have a backup.


Get The Value of Your Home Now

Learn Our Process 


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  • Variable Commissions
  • Easy out clause
  • 14 agents working to sell your home for the price of 1
  • Dedicated Marketing Strategist
  • Proprietary Retargeting System.
  • Variable Commissions
  • Easy out clause
  • 14 agents working to sell your home for the price of 1
  • Dedicated Marketing Strategist
  • Proprietary Retargeting System.

Get The Value of Your Home Now

Learn Our Process 


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Our team works hard for you. We research your neighborhood, then help you only put money into the areas that will double and triple your return when you sell. A team of three walks your home at separate times to see how you can net the most money on your home.

  • First, your agent walks the home and lets you know how to prep and stage.
  • Next, our stager will walk the home and consult with you if needed.
  • Then we hire the best photographer in Colorado Springs. They understand staging and may make some last-minute suggestions before taking photos. This ensures your home will look its best when it hits the market.


Major upgrades or remodels typically do not get you your money back.

Your greatest returns come from:

  • Curb Appeal (Simple, Clean, Green)
  • Paint in good condition
  • Flooring in good condition
  • Updated fixtures (optional, but worth considering)

Need Some Information?

I worked with Bruce to sell my house. He had excellent communication throughout the entire process. On his recommendation I used a staging company that provided an excellent product at a great price. I had three very strong offers the night of the open house that was held right after it listed. I couldn’t be happier with the Johnson team.

Barry B.


Staging is so important for photos, but also when someone sets the showing to walk through your home.

  • They must FEEL like this is their next home.
  • They need to be able to imagine their belongings in the house. It needs to feel homey and warm with enough space for them to imagine their belongings in your home.

Remember these three details when staging your home:

  • One decorative item per wall space (Painting or art of some kind)
  • One decorative item per tabletop/countertop space
  • Clear floor space (This makes the rooms feel larger)


Why a good prelaunch campaign is everything!

  • Most agents have exactly ZERO buyers lined up when your home hits the market
  • With our Johnson Team Prelaunch Process we have a pool of buyers waiting for it to hit the market This is so important because it means you get a better offer.

We Have All Of The Secrets

Amazing Photography is #1
Next Level Drone Photography
3D Walkthroughs Are Next Level


We now have a large pool of buyers waiting to see your home

  • We then go active on Thursday but don’t allow showings until Saturday, reinforcing the funnel effect so all the buyers see each other in passing
  • Open House, if beneficial, in your area
    • Place 50-70 Open House Signs around town to bring people to your house.
    • Featured OPEN listing on our major Real Estate Portals: MLS, Zillow,, Trulia and more.
    • Facebook Targeted Marketing
    • Food and beverages as needed
    • Email campaign to our extensive network of buyers and buyer’s agents.
  • Place signage
  • Activate your listing on MLS
  • Syndicate your listing to over 200 websites
  • Each day an agent is dedicated to being at their computer and phone to capture any leads that come in on your home. So, they can instantly answer the phone if a buyer calls or respond to a buyer’s text or email within 60 seconds. This ensures we NEVER miss a buyer who may be interested in your home. The agent monitors buyers surfing the Internet that request info via any syndicated websites, text messages, sign calls, and website requests.

Closing Your Home

The Johnson Team monitors your entire closing process behind the scenes.

We walk with you through each step of closing on your home:

  1. Ensure that potential buyers are properly qualified with a trusted lender before we accept an offer.
  2. Confirm that earnest money is received.
  3. Verify that buyer’s inspections are set up to match your schedule.
  4. Negotiate inspection items to keep more money in your pocket.
  5. Help you get the right contractors for repairs, if needed.
  6. Ensure the buyer’s loan is moving along on schedule
  7. Check to see that buyer’s lender has scheduled appraisal
  8. Arrange closing with both sides.
  9. Help you find reputable moving help if needed.

Your turn to make a move…

Get your home valuation now.


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