Vote Left, Vote Right, Just Vote! How does Colorado Stack up?
Nov 6, 2018

It can’t be avoided – if you’re social media, own a TV, or are just not blind… chances are, you’ve seen a political ad (or ten). It seems like a constant battle, back and forth, never ending. One thing though seems remain the same – the push for folks to get out and just vote. Weather you’re voting left, voting right, or voting in between, everyone generally agrees that we should all get out and vote.

How does Colorado stack up as far as voter participation though? You may or may not be surprised to see that Colorado has better voter turnout than every state that borders Colorado! This is according to which says Colorado had a 71.9% turnout in the most recent elections – compared to an average of just 58% in the states around Colorado. The same can be said about the most recent mid-term elections as well. Colorado boasted a turnout better than all the states around it with a 54% turnout compared to just 35% respectively.

In fact, Colorado has one of the best voter turnouts in the country. Next to Minnesota with a turnout of 74%, Colorado ranks one of the best at 72% along with New Hampshire and Maine. The worst? Surprisingly, Texas came in at just about 50% with West Virginia coming in at 48% voter turnout. You’ve probably seen several Facebook posts yourself, encouraging folks to get out and vote. Are you proud to live in a state with such high voter turnout? Comment your thoughts below.


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