Welcome To Our Garage Sale Buyers Page!

Below you will find the map for the various garage sales that we will have so you can plan your trip more easily.  Use the map to find the homes that are selling the items that you are looking for by selecting one or more categories that interest you.

This map will continue to grow up until the garage sale (May 15th), so be sure to check back closer to that date for more!

Mark your calendar

Be sure to mark your calendars. The garage sale is on May 15th from 8am to 4pm in the Briargate area.

Explore Categories

Use the map below to select the categories that interest you. The homes that are selling those items will be marked in the map.

Look at items

Use the map to view items from the garage sales so you can get a sense of what you might find. You can click on the blue markers to open a popup with details on that homes sale.


Notice: This map is being updated in real-time.  A few days before the garage sale you’ll see around 150 garage sales with pins on this map.  You’ll be able to select which categories you’re interested in and see which garage sales have what you’re looking for.