What Matters to You?

Our Marketing Plan starts well before your home goes Active.

Initial Research will help position and market your specific property so it sells for maximum value.

If you are out of state and need help, we do all of this for you. ALL OF IT. For no extra charge.

We work within your budget. If you can’t afford repairs, paint, etc., we work with whatever you are able to do to get you top dollar, and we only recommend items that will net you more profit in the end.



Our team works hard for you.

We research your neighborhood, then help you only put money into the areas that will double and triple your return when you sell.

A team of three walks your home at separate times to see how you can net the most money on your home.

  1. First, your agent walks the home and lets you know how to prep and stage.
  2. Next, our stager will walk the home and consult with you if needed.
  3. Then we hire the best photographer in Colorado Springs. They understand staging and may make some last-minute suggestions before taking photos. This ensures your home will look its best when it hits the market.

Major upgrades or remodels typically do not get you your money back.

Your greatest returns come from:

  1. Curb Appeal (Simple, Clean, Green)
  2. Paint in good condition
  3. Flooring in good condition
  4. Updated fixtures (optional, but worth considering)


We just purchased our second home through the Johnson team because we had such a great experience 3 years ago when we purchased our first home! Not only did he sell our home in one weekend (!!!), it was a pleasure working with Jarrod, Jeff & the whole team. Every detail was covered & the icing on the cake was when they delivered pizzas the night we moved into our new home! In addition to this being our 2nd purchase with the Johnson team, we have personally recommended them to our friends & they have all been just as pleased as us! Thanks Johnson Team!
Lacy Frey
The Johnson Team was very responsive to questions and knew exactly how to help us prepare our home for the market. Kayla was spot on with a listing price and took the time to explain their marketing efforts and their plan to sell our home. She was familiar with the area and thanks to her guidance we had a viable offer in a matter of days.
Kayla on the johnson team was an amazing agent when we were in the process of moving here! We lived in Arizona and had horrible luck with another realtor and when we linked up with kayla, she was so great with keeping in contact and answering questions. She helped us with the building process and we love our new home! She went above and beyond anything I could’ve ever expected and she is a genuine, down to earth person. I cannot thank her enough for all the help and everything she did for us! She has an incredible work ethic and even when our house kept getting delayed for building reason she kept on top of it to make sure it got done on time. I’d recommend Kayla to everyone!
Tina Owens


Staging is so important for photos, but also when someone sets the showing to walk through your home.

  1. They must FEEL like this is their next home.
  2. They need to be able to imagine their belongings in the house. It needs to feel homey and warm with enough space for them to imagine their belongings in your home.

Remember these three details when staging your home:

  1. One decorative item per wall space (Painting or art of some kind)
  2. One decorative item per tabletop/countertop space
  3. Clear floor space (This makes the rooms feel larger)


Hiring the best photographer gives more value to your home:
  1. Helps potential buyers make an emotional connection to the home.
  2. Must look better online than the competition or nobody will set a showing.
Drone photography gives you the edge.
  1. Videos highlight landmarks, schools, parks, etc
  2. We literally fly the buyer right through your front door.
  3. Gives buyers a captivating perspective
3D Walkthroughs and Videos give you a huge advantage when out of town buyers are looking at your home.
  1. ​3D Video
  2. 3D Click Through the Home​
  3. 360 Degree Views
  4. Schematic Floor Plans


We create a dedicated lead funnel to capture interested buyers and direct them to make an offer on your house.

        1. Launch targeted Facebook advertising. We research who is buying homes in your neighborhood and specifically target them in our Facebook ads using their advanced algorithms.  We actually clone our real clients on Facebook and target them.
        2. List your property as “Coming Soon” on all the top websites.
        3. List your property (before it’s active) on top military sites.
        4. Direct marketing to all agents in our office
        5. Place signage in your yard.
        6. Notify our list of top buyers agents that your home will be coming on the market soon.
        7. Pay for priority listing on the big websites like Zillow, Trulia,
        8. We have 15 agents on our team that are paid a bonus if they sell your house, so you now have 15 agents trying to sell your house for the price of 1.

All of this builds anticipation in the market, so when your listing goes active, we get a flood of buyers in those first few days.

All of this has been done and your home has not even hit the market.  Most agents haven’t even started advertising yet



We now have a large pool of buyers waiting to see your home

      1. We then go active on Thursday but don’t allow showings until Saturday, reinforcing the funnel effect so all the buyers see each other in passing
      2. Open House, if beneficial, in your area
        1. Place 50-70 Open House Signs around town to bring people to your house.
        2. Featured OPEN listing on our major Real Estate Portals: MLS, Zillow,, Trulia and more.
        3. Facebook Targeted Marketing
        4. Food and beverages as needed
        5. Email campaign to our extensive network of buyers and buyer’s agents.
      3. Place signage
      4. Activate your listing on MLS
      5. Syndicate your listing to over 200 websites
      6. Each day an agent is dedicated to being at their computer and phone to capture any leads that come in on your home. So, they can instantly answer the phone if a buyer calls or respond to a buyer’s text or email within 60 seconds. This ensures we NEVER miss a buyer who may be interested in your home. The agent monitors buyers surfing the Internet that request info via any syndicated websites, text messages, sign calls, and website requests.


The Johnson Team monitors your entire closing process behind the scenes.

We walk with you through each step of closing on your home:

      1. Ensure that potential buyers are properly qualified with a trusted lender before we accept an offer.
      2. Confirm that earnest money is received.
      3. Verify that buyer’s inspections are set up to match your schedule.
      4. Negotiate inspection items to keep more money in your pocket.
      5. Help you get the right contractors for repairs, if needed.
      6. Ensure the buyer’s loan is moving along on schedule
      7. Check to see that buyer’s lender has scheduled appraisal
      8. Arrange closing with both sides.
      9. Help you find reputable moving help if needed.



You’ll always have greater return if your house is completely move-in ready. This means the buyer is not going to look at some part of your house and see it as worn out or broken. Buyers usually double or triple in their mind the actual cost of the work, so you’ll get significantly less if these items are not up to par:

  1. Curb Appeal
    1. Whatever situation your house is in, have the front looking simple, clean, and green (if possible). #1
  2. Paint in perfect condition (inside and out) #1
    1. Keep all paint colors neutral (we’ll stage later with color)
    2. Sometimes minor touch-up paint is all that’s needed. Other times it may mean repainting your house if needed.
  3. Flooring in perfect condition #2
    1. Neutral-colored flooring
    2. Cleaning the carpets may be all that’s needed. If the flooring is damaged or worn, you may need to replace it.
  4. Caulking around tubs, showers, sinks, etc. if cracked or peeling. #3
    1. This is an affordable and easy repair that makes the house look newer.
  5. Clean every part of your house. We can help you clean your house if you’re not in town) #4
    1. Having clean windows, bathrooms, kitchen, and appliances is essential.
    2. Bottom line: Have your house looking immaculate for photos and viewings.
  6. Update fixtures: faucets, doorknobs, hinges, light fixtures, and other hardware. #5
  7. Correct any other issues that may come up on inspection. #6


Staging is SO IMPORTANT. I can’t emphasize enough how important it is that the buyer makes an emotional connection to the house. You’re staging will either allow them to do this or prevent them from doing this.

Too much stuff in the home (even if it’s very nice stuff) will prevent buyers from imagining their belongings and their ‘stuff’ in your home. A buyer who cannot imagine living in your home will never put in an offer.

If you are living in the home and using your belongings for staging, we’ll meet with you at least three times throughout the pre-launch process to perfect the staging. Here are some ways to stage your home for maximum appeal:

  1. Box things up and pack them away. Clear large furniture items out, like dressers in bedrooms, armoires, large TVs, etc.
  2. Take down personal photos and effects
  3. No cars in driveway or in front of house
  4. Stage with a purpose and remember these rules
  1. Clear floor space. The more floor space you can see, the larger the room feels.
  2. No area rugs unless you’re hiding something ugly.
  3. Minimal furniture
  4. One decorative artistic colorful item, like a painting, per wall space
  5. One decorative artistic colorful item per tabletop or counter space
  6. Hang towels with color in spots where towels should be hung, like in bathrooms, kitchens, etc.
  7. Nice-looking shower curtains if applicable
  8. Use staging items to add life and color