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The johnson Team vs the competition

Table Stakes

  • Defined As: A minimum entry requirement for a business arrangement
  • In other words, this is what everyone is doing.

Below is the % of real estate agents that perform these activities to market their client’s homes.

For Sale Signs

& other signs around home

98% of Agents

Input on MLS

Multiple listing services

95% of Agents

100's of websites

Syndicates to 100s of sites

75% of Agents

Professi-onal Photos

Hire top photographer

40% of Agents

Agent Network

Market agent to agent

10% of Agents

Home Prep & Updates

Help you prep to get top $

5% of Agents

The above activities are the max that 99.9% of agents do.

Which means that almost know one does what we’re about to show you.

Not even 1/2 of 1%  of Realtors market your home like we do

We do all those items listed above and we take them very seriously.  But those are just table stakes to us.

Keep scrolling to see what sets us apart.

We Make it Simple

And cater our plan to fit your needs

Variable Commissions

Create a win-win situation where you get customized service and potentially more money back in your pocket.

Options that fit

Net more money

More info on Variable Commissions

More info on Variable Commissions

No questions asked cancellation

Satisfaction Guarantee

If we don’t live up to our promises or your expectations you may cancel with us at no cost to you.

Change of Plans

Life happens and circumstances change.  Since there is no upfront cost, if you need to cancel, you can do it guilt-free.  Your needs are our top priority.

Easy Out Clause

Because we’re that confident.

Proprietary Marketing Processes

mean results you can only get here

14 Agents for the price of 1

When you work with The Johnson Team, you’ve got 14 agents that are incentivized to sell your home.

24/7 Monitoring of Leads

This is something only a larger team can do!

We have 15 experienced, licensed Real Estate Agents, scheduled in shifts and ready to respond quickly with information and setting up appointments before they lose interest or find another home.

Marketing Strategist

We have a full time marketing strategist dedicated to driving Buyers to your home.

  • Targeted Google Ads
  • Social Media
  • Print &
  • Word of Mouth

Proprietary Marketing Strategy that sets us apart from the competition

Why is PRELAUNCH MARKETING so important?

Find Buyers

who have already acknowledged wanting a home like yours.

Put Your

home in front of them.


of buyers who are interested in your home before they’re allowed to see it.

Let them go

all at once so they see and know for certain that others also love your home.


we decide on and accept an offer that ultimately meets your needs and goals.

Proprietary Price-Point-Specific Targeting

Can't leave It

in the buyer’s agent’s hands to put your home in front of their client.

Can't Leave It

to chance that these Buyers will see your home online.

But this is what most agents do.


We don’t want to leave the sale of your home in another agent’s hands.


Here’s how we’ve overcome that problem.

We Find

(through our proprietary targeting) all the buyers interested in homes priced where yours is

We Bypass

the buyer’s agent and market your home directly to those buyers.

We Market

your home in all its glory in a way the buyer’s agent never could.

Buyer Tells

their agent that they’d like to view your home.

We Have All Of The Secrets

And we’ve already been doing it for a while.  Because of our 3D virtual tours, video walk-throughs, and HDR photography, we typically get multiple sight-unseen offers on our listings.  We’ve already been an expert in this area for a while and are leaps ahead of those who are just now deciding to go virtual. We’ve already moved on to the next thing (Proprietary Price Point Specific Retargeting)

In the past, we’ve encouraged buyers to walk the house before putting an offer in.  With COVID-19 we’re encouraging them to put an offer in first and once accepted, we’re letting them walk it according to your specifications.  And after COVID-19 we’ll adjust and pivot again.

Point is, we’re a step ahead of the competition. By the time they’re doing all this, we’ll be on to the next thing!


HDR Photography is #1
Next Level Drone Photography
3D Walk-throughs Are Next Level
Video Walk-throughs

We hit it VIRTUAL from every angle! Buyers have different preferences. One buyer may want to control their walk through your home with a Virtual Tour, while another may want to sit back and watch the video, & another will just look at the photos.  Either way, we’ve got a comfortable method for every buyer to virtually tour your home.


What's the Process?

Our team works hard for you.

We research your neighborhood, then help you put money into the areas that will double and triple your return when you sell. A team of three walks your home at separate times to see how you can net the most money on your home.

  1. First, your agent walks the home and lets you know how to prep and stage
  2. Next, we will help you stage and bring in our stager if necessary for a consult
  3. We go virtual – to create our pool of interested buyers
    • Top-notch HDR photos
    • Create a 3D Virtual Tour where the Buyer can control their virtual showing of your home
    • Professional video walk-through
  4. Then we start our prelaunch marketing campaign

Need Some Information?

I worked with Bruce to sell my house. He had excellent communication throughout the entire process. On his recommendation I used a staging company that provided an excellent product at a great price. I had three very strong offers the night of the open house that was held right after it listed. I couldn’t be happier with the Johnson team.

Barry B.

Your greatest returns come from:

  • Curb Appeal (Simple, Clean, Green)
  • Paint like new and neutral colors
  • Flooring like new
  • Updated fixtures

Major upgrades or remodels typically do not get you your money back.


Staging is so important for the videos & photos, but also when someone sets the showing to walk-through your home.

  • They must FEEL like this is their next home.
  • It needs to feel clean and homey
  • There MUST be enough space for Buyers to imagine THEIR belongings in their future home.
  • Remove your personal affects so it doesn’t feel like YOUR home.

Remember these four details when staging your home:

  • One decorative item per wall space (Painting or art of some kind)
  • One decorative item per tabletop/countertop space
  • Clear floor space (This makes the rooms feel larger)
  • Depersonalize your home.  (No photos/things with your face or name on it.)


In today’s market, it is essential that these are top notch.


We hire the top professionals to take:
  • The highest quality HDR Photos
  • Professional Video Walk-through
  • 3D Virtual Tour – where Buyer can virtually control their video walk-through touring the house as THEY choose.


We now have a large pool of buyers waiting to see your home

  • We then go active on Thursday but don’t allow showings until Saturday, reinforcing the funnel effect so all the Buyers see each other in passing
  • Open House, if beneficial, in your area
    • Place loads of Open House Signs around town to bring people to your house.
    • Featured OPEN listing on our major Real Estate Portals: MLS, Zillow,, Trulia and more.
    • Facebook Targeted Marketing
    • Proprietary Price Point Specific Targeting (for the open house)
    • Email campaign to our extensive network of Buyers and Buyer’s agents.
  • Place signage
  • Activate your listing on MLS
  • Syndicate your listing to over 200 websites

24hrs a day - we will answer your call!

Because we have a team of 15 agents, there is always a licensed experienced, professional Real Estate agent ready to respond immediately if anyone is interested in your home. We will never miss a lead for your home because we didn’t respond in time.

Closing Your Home

The Johnson Team monitors your entire closing process behind the scenes.

We walk with you through each step of closing on your home:

  1. Ensure that potential Buyers are properly qualified with a trusted lender before we accept an offer.
  2. Confirm that earnest money is received.
  3. Verify that Buyer’s inspections are set up to match your schedule.
  4. Negotiate inspection items to keep more money in your pocket.
  5. Help you get the right contractors for repairs, if needed.
  6. Ensure the Buyer’s loan is moving along on schedule
  7. Check to see that Buyer’s lender has scheduled appraisal
  8. Arrange closing with both sides.
  9. Help you find reputable moving help if needed.