Planting for the Future: Enhancing Your Property with Parkway Trees

Planting for the Future: Enhancing Your Property with Parkway Trees

Here in Colorado Springs, the spaces between our sidewalks and streets—those parkway areas—are perfect spots for planting trees. Adding a tree or two not only makes our neighborhoods look better but also brings environmental perks like cleaner air and richer biodiversity. This guide will walk you through choosing, planting, and caring for parkway trees to ensure they do well and enhance our city.

Getting Started with a Permit:

First things first, you'll need to grab a free planting permit from the City Forestry office before you start digging. This step makes sure your chosen tree fits the spot and doesn’t mess with utilities or other public stuff. Just give the City Forestry office a call at 719-385-5942 or and they’ll help you out with the permit.

Picking the Right Tree:

Choosing a tree is about more than what looks good. You’ll want to pick a type that’s going to thrive in its new home and be easy to take care of. Colorado Springs has a list of trees that are good to go for parkway planting. Favorites like Hackberry and Kentucky Coffeetree are great because they don’t need a lot of water and fit well in those narrower spots. Just a heads up, there are a few no-go trees like the Siberian elm and Silver Maple that aren’t allowed because they can cause problems down the road.

Best Planting Practices:

Spring and fall are the best times to get your tree into the ground—avoiding the summer heat and winter chill. Make sure to think about how big your tree will get so it doesn’t end up tangling with sidewalks or power lines later on. Planting space should be about 40 feet apart for big trees, 30 feet for medium ones, and 25 feet for the smaller kinds. This gives them plenty of room to spread out and grow strong.

Taking Care of Your Tree:

Once your tree is in, it’ll need some TLC to get settled. Watering it well, especially during the first few years and dry periods, is key. Go for deep watering sessions to encourage deep roots rather than just sprinkling it often. Prune when needed to keep it healthy and tidy, and keep an eye out for any pest or disease issues so you can catch them early.

Mind the Utilities:

Before you plant, make sure there aren’t any utility lines in the way. Stick to trees that fit under power lines if they’re overhead, and always call before you dig to avoid hitting something important underground.


Planting a parkway tree is a great way to contribute to our city’s landscape. Following these straightforward steps will help your new trees thrive, making Colorado Springs an even nicer place to live. So, let’s grab those shovels, get planting, and watch our city grow greener.

This guide gives you the nitty-gritty on how to successfully plant and nurture trees in our parkway spaces without getting too formal or fancy about it. Happy planting!

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