Marketing Plan

The Johnson Team vs. Other Agents

What is Pre-launch Marketing?


1. Prelaunch

✔ Our team works hard for you.

We research your neighborhood, then help you put money into the areas that will double and triple your return when you sell. A team of three walks your home at separate times to see how you can net the most money on your home.

  1. First, your agent walks the home and lets you know how to prep and stage.
  2. Next, we will help you stage and bring in our stager if necessary for a consult.
  3. Our media team, along with our agent, come to capture photos and videos so we can go virtual – to create our pool of interested buyers.

✔ Then we start our prelaunch marketing campaign.

Major upgrades or remodels typically do not get you your money back.

✔ Your greatest returns come from:

  1. Curb Appeal (Simple, Clean, Green).
  2. Flooring like new.
  3. Paint like new and neutral colors.
  4. Updated fixtures.

2. Staging

Staging is so important for the videos & photos, but also when someone sets the showing to walk-through your home.

✔ They must FEEL like this is their next home.
✔ It needs to feel clean and homey.
✔ There MUST be enough space for Buyers to imagine their belongings in their future home.
✔ Remove your personal affects so it doesn’t feel like your home.
✔ Remember these four details when staging your home.
✔ One decorative item per wall space (Painting or art of some kind.)
✔ One decorative item per tabletop/countertop space.
✔ Clear floor space (This makes the rooms feel larger.)
✔ Depersonalize your home. (No photos/things with your face or name on it.)


3. Photos/Videos

In today’s market, it is essential that these are top notch.

✔ Our media team ensure that your home stands out from the rest.

  • The highest quality HDR Photos.
  • Professional Video Walk-through.
  • 3D Virtual Tour – where buyer can virtually control their video walk-through touring the house as they choose.

4. Launch

We now have a large pool of buyers waiting to see your home.

✔ We then go active on Thursday but don’t allow showings until Saturday, reinforcing the funnel effect so all the Buyers see each other in passing.
✔ Open House, if beneficial, in your area.
✔ Place loads of Open House Signs around town to bring people to your house.
✔ Featured OPEN listing on our major Real Estate Portals: MLS, Zillow,, Trulia and more.
✔ Facebook Targeted Marketing.
✔ Proprietary Price Point Specific Targeting (for the open house.)
✔ Email campaign to our extensive network of buyers and buyer’s agents.
✔ Place signage.
✔ Activate your listing on MLS.
✔ Syndicate your listing to over 200 websites.

Work With Us

The Johnson Team is a large team that focuses on a small area. Hyper-Local Matters. We are one of the top real estate teams in the state of Colorado because our marketing techniques and drive surpass the competition. Even more than that, it’s because we know our market and we know our neighborhoods. Rather than extending our reach, we go Hyper-Local.

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